Carly Quinn was born in London on Oct. 3, 1997, but moved to California when she was only three years old. After moving around the Bay Area in her early years, she spent most of growing up in Pleasanton, California. Being raised with British parents and all her family in another country has given Carly a unique perspective about the world for her age compared to her colleagues.

Carly is a first year journalism student currently attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, intending to minor in ethnic studies. She writes for Mustang News, the completely student-run newspaper on campus, as a student life news reporter.

Prior to this position, she wrote for the same newspaper as a special sections reporter.

Participating in the laptop program at Pleasanton Middle School gave Carly great typing skills as well as a vast knowledge of computers and different applications, such as Microsoft Office, Garage Band, and iMovie.

While attending Heritage High School in the East Bay Area, Carly took a number of AP classes as well as some advanced writing classes, such as literary analysis and creative writing. These classes aided her strong suit for writing and led her to choose a major in journalism. Carly made honor roll for seven out of eight semesters she attended this school.

Since her sophomore year, Carly was a member of the French club and has been taking French classes since the 7th grade. She intends to minor in French, starting her college level courses in her sophomore year of college.

While taking a mock trials class her senior year, Carly decided to also join the club. During her first year of membership, Carly achieved the position of expert witness, where she was responsible for memorizing and relaying important information about the case. She also helped the prosecution team build their attack on her counterpart.

Volunteering has always been a passion of Carly’s. She started consistently volunteering at Brentwood Family Pet Care in her Freshman year of high school. Volunteering five hours a week for over a year, Carly assisted the vet technicians in taking care of the animals, giving vaccinations, assisting with surgeries, grooming, cleaning, euthanizations, filing, and computer work. From her junior to senior year, Carly volunteered at Village Community Resource Center twice a week, tutoring and mentoring underprivileged children in her community. 


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