10 Things You Should Know About Women in SLO

  1. Women face prejudice everyday.
    • While having made big steps towards gender equity, women still face barriers and prejudice everyday. That is what makes these women even more amazing for accomplishing what they have accomplished. The modern female experience is very different from what it used to be, but can be improved dramatically.
  2. Deanna Cantrell was just elected as Police Chief of San Luis Obispo.
  3. Joanna Ruggles impacts the community with her art projects.
    • After battling cancer, Joanne came out with a project titled “The Stone of Hope”, a series to help people battling with their own diseases. She also released a collaborative series last year about the modern female experience entitled “Powerful Women”. Her art is used for advocacy and awareness, and always has a powerful message behind it.
  4. Joanna Ruggles received the Distinguished Research Award in 2004.
    • Joanne taught at Cal Poly as a member of the art department for 31 years. During her last year teaching, she received the Distinguished Research Award.
  5. Joanne Ruggles has art displayed throughout the United States and all over the world.
    • An inspiring and unique artist, Joanne’s art has been displayed throughout California and in surrounding states such as Colorado, Illinois and Oregon. Her artwork has even extended to such countries as Thailand, Brazil, and Sierra Leone.
  6. Jan Marx is the mayor of SLO.
    • Jan has served on City Council, taught at Cal Poly, and served as judge in her years before being appointed mayor. She has been mayor since 2010, running the town of San Luis Obispo.
  7. Jane Lehr is the department chair for Women’s and Gender Studies at Cal Poly.
    • Jane Lehr runs the Women and Gender Studies department at Cal Poly. Currently this is only a minor, but she is working towards it being a major and expanding classes.
  8. There are more men in SLO than women.
  9. There are more female graduate students than male graduate students.
  10.   The pay gap for women still exsists.
    • Although these are qualified, successful women, they still struggle with the pay gap imposed upon women to this day. Women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Photo Attribution: Carly Quinn


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